Happy Halloween from Zerofriends!  As you may have guessed,...

Happy Halloween from Zerofriends! 

As you may have guessed, Halloween is our favorite time of the year here around Zerofriends. The movies, the music, the costumes, and especially the CANDY! I wish I could invite you all to Trick or Treat at the warehouse and spoil you with TREATS, I suspect some of you will have some awesome costumes and I would love to see them all. But lets be real, I’ve got to go out and Trick Or Treat myself and get tons of that candy I love. So anyways, since I cannot have you all come here and Trick Or Treat, I will invite you to Trick Or Treat with us online at Zerofriends.com! And although we won’t be giving away candy, the treats will be pretty sweet! 

All you have to do is type “TRICK OR TREAT” in the ”Special Instructions/Comments” Box during checkout.  We will take care of the rest. :) 

(To be clear this offer applies to EVERYTHING on the site, NOT just the Halloween Collection)

(Also, this offer is good all weekend, NOT just Halloween.)

Have a wonderful Halloween Guys and Ghouls!

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Sometimes, like now, I feel completely selfish and fairly uneducated. I never liked real world history in school, and could never seem to remember a lot of it, with the exception of some fun facts like the Abe Lincoln assassination, the invention of silly putty, and how the CEO of the Segway company drove offof a cliff on a Segway.
But FAKE history, on the other hand, I was always fascinated by. Imaginary historic events like the great Battle For the Infinity Gauntlet or the day Marty McFly saved the clocktower from lightning in 1955 are historical times I’ll never forget.

Every fictitious world has some kind of unseen/unheard private history that made that world work in the capacity that we get to enjoy it in. Star Wars, for example, started as one movie with one story, but George Lucas had an idea of events that happened hundreds of years before and after the first movie was even filmed. But even something smaller in scale like Scooby Doo has SOME kind of creative history. I mean, those oddball detention kids had to meet somewhere, and there had to be some kind of insane checkered past reason why they were more afraid of a museum curator than a fucking TALKING DOG and his crackhead homeless owner. Whatever unknown history took place before we stepped into both of these worlds as voyeurs made them palpable enough for us to accept and immerse ourselves in them.

So when creating any kind of world, story, or universe, I create and use fake-history as an art-director of sorts. As little as it may ever come into play within the actual project, if I’m creating another planet or another universe, such as I am trying to with Thunder Babies, I HAVE to make up some history revolving around it. Without history, I have no context to set the current story, and no direction as to what the current world’s “rules” are. Plus, the ability to make up historical events and inhabitants is just kinda cool. It’s like being my own Dungeon Master in a lonely role-playing game.

That being said, the only way I was going to be able to create weird elemental God-babies that were birthed from a dying planet’s core with any kind of confidence was that if I knew a little bit about that planet that birthed them, whether anyone else ever needed to know about it or not.

So that’s what I’ve been doing over the last few days. Maybe I’ll sprinkle some of that history into whatever I end up drawing over the next couple of weeks, or perhaps it will never be necessary or interesting to anyone but me and it was simply an exercise that I needed to do in order to, as I said before, “keep the troops motivated.”

For whatever the reason, I am now motivated and I know a TON of made-up shit about the made-up planet of Oo’tarus, the birthplace of the THUNDER BABIES.

In case it ever comes into play, here's a little glimpse at the history of the planet of Oo'tarus:

Follow the progress here:

Posted on 28 October 2014 | 11:44 pm

THUNDER BABIES: DAY 3: Elements Of Surprise

“Although its core was dying before being impregnated by Zeus’ inebriated sperm, the planet Oo’tarus still contained one of the largest varieties of elements in the universe. The number is in the thousands, which, in comparison to Earth’s 115 elements, is incredible.
As Zeus’ millions of sperms bored their way through the planet’s inner layers en route to its core, they mixed with the multiple elements of Oo’tarus, each sperm melding with these different elements before they reached the planetary womb, thus making each embryo a completely unique little baby snowflake, their genetic makeup dictated by what element (or elements) the celestial sperm combined with. This, I mean, is according to legend…”

I spent all day researching, making and re-making a periodic chart of the elements of the dying planet of Oo’tarus. I did this for 3 reasons:

Number 1: This whole project is about challenging myself, as well as directing myself. I want to give myself as much possible ammo and information and mythology as I can in order to guide the art aspect of the world. Without context, there’s no direction, and without direction, there’s total freedom, which, in some cases is good, but because I’ve felt stagnant lately and repetitive with my art, giving myself “total freedom” could just mean that there’s TOO many options and therefore I would get overwhelmed and I might default to designing the same stuff I’ve been creating that’s making me feel stuck.

Number 2: All babies need formula. And in the case of Thunder Babies, I NEEDED a formula. A creation-formula.

Which leads me to Number 3: The documentary “American Movie” is about Mark Borschardt, one of the most passionate filmmakers ever, and his 6-year LONG quest to make a SHORT film. There are a million amazing quotes in it, but one of them revolves around the crew erecting scarecrows onto a set that they aren’t even shooting on. When asked why Mark is having them do that, he assertively says “to keep the troops motivated”. That’s why I made this. I need to stay motivated while I figured things out. I woke up, and was stuck on trying to figure out how to explain what these “Thunder Babies” would look like. More importantly, I was stuck on trying to create a solid direction while at the same time giving myself a blank-enough canvas for me to explore different art techniques and an open-enough subject matter for me to experiment with different visuals. I needed to make a “controlled-but-unlimited-foundation” to build off of. Does that make sense? Or am I an asshole? I guess either way it doesn’t matter at this point. So I came up with a formula, and while I am dwelling on the visual aspects of the Thunder Babies, I made a chart to go along with the formula just “to keep me motivated.”

Here is the formula:

And here is a partial sampling of the periodic table of elements found within the planet of Oo’tarus, from which all of the Thunder Babies will be genetically forged from (in addition to the unarguable power of god-sperm).

Now, on to making babies…

Missed the previous days? Catch up here:

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I knew I wanted to practice making babies.

No, that’s not a cry for attention; just hear me out. One of the things that I hate more than anything is talking baby movies. And even more hellfire is spewed from my voicebox when I’m forced to watch CGI-baby commercials or commercials featuring babies doing adult activities. Looking at those dumb fake CGI baby heads hovering above their dumb bodies doing dumb real activities like e-mailing and drinking coffee has the same unsettling effect on my appetite as it would if those CGI baby heads were Billy Crystal’s current head stuck on the body of my wet dog. It’s disgusting. So, because I like putting myself in stressful,  uncomfortable situations when being creative, I thought, “Hey, self, why not embrace what you hate, and draw talking babies.”

Plus once I thought about it, drawing babies and thinking of babies as serious characters could be really funny. Baby bodies are puffy and silly and odd and innocent and, if needed, creepy.
But the whole baby business is still in progress. So let’s move on to what I decided on for an actual origin of the “Thunder Babies”, which is the name I decided to go with before I challenged myself to build a world around it.

Given that I only have 30 days to do this (I'm friends with the skinny guy from The Running Man and I had a collar made so that my head explodes if I don't finish), I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to figure out what I wanted the direction of Thunder Babies to be, and I knew that whatever decision I made last night would dictate my life for the next 28 days. That being said, I didn’t want to overthink the idea because ultimately it will be a work in progress until day 30, but I also didn’t want to just go full force with the first idea that popped in my head, because I believe that everything should be thought about AT LEAST twice before commitment, otherwise you end up with something like TUSK, Bubble Gum Soda or that upcoming sitcom about VINE celebrities. Not that Thunder Babies is going to be any better than Tusk, but I have to try.

Using the “Thunder Babies” name by itself for inspiration, I went through a few phases:

1. Genetically modified babies existing on an island named “Thunder Island”. OK, fine, but who made them, why were they made, etc.? Even though no children ever really questioned who/what/why the Smurfs existed, Peyo (the artist creator of the Smurfs) knew that shit going into it because it added a backbone to any story he wanted to tell within that world. Backbones are important. OK, so I had to think then, why would there be an island of genetically modified babies on an island?
Maybe there’s a sad planet (called Sadurn!?) who was lonely and so it used its gravity to pull in passing ships in hopes of making friends, but its gravity kept pulling them in too hard and crashing and killing them. Until one person survived, who was a genetic scientist, and in turn offered to “MAKE” friends for this planet in exchange for letting him escape the lonely-gravity-pull of the planet. That COULD HAPPEN! 

That was my first attempt, but I knew that that was reaching, when all I ultimately wanted was a simpler reason to just draw weird babies. So I scratched that, and started over. This morning.

2. I DID like the idea of a living planet. Not “living” in a sense of just being able to sustain life, but more in an “EGO, The Living Planet” way, or, in even simpler terms, like the sun on Teletubbies. I wanted to keep that. Then I started thinking of random ideas that I have had in the past that I never fleshed out, and one of them that I always wanted to do something with (maybe it even HAS been done before) was the idea of finding out that Earth is pregnant and is slowly going into labor, with earthquake’s being contractions, volcanoes being morning sickness, etc. I not only liked the idea of an eventual giant baby monster emerging from the actual core of the earth, but I liked thinking about HOW it got pregnant, and thinking about an even bigger monster having sex with it long before we were alive. So I decided to pull from those ideas, and add the words “Thunder Babies” into the mix and decided that the Thunder Babies would be the result of a planet getting impregnated by Zeus. That makes a lot more sense to me.

So I wrote up a quick history of the birth ofthe Thunder Babies, and just to have a visual introduction to go along with it, I decided I needed to draw a drunk Zeus fucking the dying planet in the middle of space. 

I started scribbling, and I kept picturing a drunk Zeus to just look like DOG the Bounty Hunter, and I quickly realized that I don’t know how to properly have sex with a planet, nor do I know what a classic generic Zeus was supposed to look like, so I started pulling some reference photos which FINALLY gave me a reason to type in “Watermelon sex” into Google. Which, by the way, led me to discover the amazing art of Watermelon carving!!!! SO COOL!

Look how cool!

So after multiple terrible sketches, I settled on moving the leg and that made his position flow a lot better in my opinion. It’s not the best, but at least I have some experience the next time a job calls for an old man fucking a circle. OK, back to work! THUNDER BABIES!!!!!!

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Its already day 2 of a project that you probably aren’t aware is even happening. And that’s OK, because I’m being selfish with this project anyway. This project is for me. Over the weekend I decided that I felt a little lost and needed to give myself a challenge to create a new “world” in 30 days, starting with nothing more than committing to a name of this “project”. I wrote in detail a little more about it HERE.

Long story short, over the next 30 days I’m going to try to create and chronicle a visual world, with some narrative aspects, some silly aspects, and basically whatever I get inspired to add to it over the course of those 30 days in whatever form. My ultimate goal is to create an original property that has enough substance to continue on after those 30 days in some form or another. Worst-case scenario is that I just get a chance to draw and laugh with myself for 30 days.  I can deal with that.
I’m also going to try (given time) to share some of my thoughts and commentary online as to how I get to some of the decisions that I might make. It may not at all be interesting, but that’s why I am doing it. Just to see if it helps ME to verbalize and share some decisions and processes as I am creating them, instead of hiding out until something is, in my eyes, “ready to share”.
So, with that being said, today is DAY 2. On DAY 1 I woke up and committed to a name for this new project, and decided I would go from there. So for the next 28 days, I will be working exclusively on the birthing of “THUNDER BABIES”!

This morning I woke up and had to think (and quickly re-think) of a foundation for the Thunder Babies world. The origin story, I guess it would be. This origin story is basically my personal art direction as to what tone, style, and subject matter I’ll be scribbling over the next month to inhabit this world, whatever it is, just based on the name I chose. So here goes….

“Many millennia ago, in a desolate corner of the universe, where even Sandra Bullock couldn’t survive, ZEUS, The God Of Thunder, was drifting aimlessly through the cosmos after a long night of intergalactic drinking and gambling. As usual, Zeus was drunk, lost and failing miserably at finding his way home. Out of the corner of his one opened eye, he noticed his beautiful wife, HERA, The Goddess of Marriage, floating amongst the stars, beckoning for him to come to her. In a blurred, chauvinistic drunken stupor, Zeus awkwardly glided through outer space and immediately grabbed his wife’s hips from behind her. He closed his eyes and threw himself on her, and he proceeded to make the hardest cosmic love to her.
However, in reality, he was NOT making love to his wife. In his inebriated state, Zeus actually mistook the dying planet of Oo’tarus for his very ALIVE wife, Hera. Zeus had not only cheated on his celestial life-mate (again), but he just accidentally FUCKED A DYING PLANET! The moment he finished, when his eyes finally opened, he realized his…mistake. Embarrassed, sweaty, confused, and instantly hung over, Zeus glanced around the galaxy to make sure none of his ethereal friends were watching this shameful “big bang”. He then rewrapped his toga and drifted away into outer space, his regret-laced vomit blanketing about 2 whole star systems. Zeus had completely abandoned Oo’tarus after injecting millions of his deific sperms into her decayed core. Little did he know, that in the right conditions a planet can get pregnant; even a dying one…

A near-empty shell with a decaying crust, Oo’tarus floated alone in space, her shriveled core filled with the sperm of the Thunder God. But after a few years, on a night just like tonight, her crust started rumbling. Her surface began seeping vibrant shades of green and blue and magenta and yellow, reminiscent of before she had died. A small crack opened in her surface, and then more cracks appeared throughout her entire crust. Moments later, after what can only be described as “a scream so loud only a planet could have made it”, thousands and thousands of babies popped out from the crevices all around Oo’tarus’ surface. But these weren’t ordinary babies. Not in the least. They were Godly babies. Galactic babies. Planetary babies. Odd babies. Mythological babies. 
They were THUNDER BABIES, the spawn of a drunken God!”

The rest is unwritten baby history… (At least for now. I guess I have to get to work!)

…To be continued. Up next: Scribbles! Or something else!

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An Odd Year & A New Beginning

The past year and a half has been a little odd professionally. Not as odd professionally as Lady Jenner's hormones or the million-dollar-menopause-haircuts of Howard Wolowitz, but nonetheless odd. I have met some long-term goals and done some personally incredibly inspiring things, like finish a movie (!), travel with my Bunnywith show, and gallivant across the country to share the experience of my girlfriend excelling at an amazing new photography career.

But also within that time I've worked on collaborative art projects that will never be finished, animated cartoons that will never move, designs for movies that for all I know may have gone straight to the garbage, and I got to go places that I can never talk about. And while all of it was awesome and exciting, I've felt a little distant from my own world, my own art, my own company and my own evolution.

Then I went to Detroit with no plans and no expectations and just absorbed everything. I returned with a 5-gallon-bucket full of inspiration and a new perspective on my creativity, however vague and silly that sounds. I also saw Guardians of the Galaxy 3 times in 3 days and that added another 5-gallon bucket of inspiration. 

Now that I'm home, I'm reenergized and re-inspired. So I'm going back to doing what made me happy for years: telling stories, whether they're good or bad, and making some kind of art that goes along with those stories and worlds, whether it's good or bad. 

So, that being said, I'm giving myself a challenge: Over the course of the next 30 days, I'm going to create a new world. I don't know what that means, but I'm not going to over think it. I'll come up with a story and the general world first, and then I'll spend some time populating it and fleshing it out with paintings, drawings, scribbles, bad photoshops and even worse puns. Then, after a month, I'll collect all the drawings and paintings and scribbles and whatever else rears its head, and put them all up for sale on ZEROFRIENDS. This experiment will be a mixture of creating a new body of work for an imaginary art exhibit, creating a new IP for myself to laugh at, experimenting with materials, and pushing myself to create, build, solidify and present a cohesive and expandable world all while I share my progress (and failures) online periodically. 

If you don't already, and you're interested in watching me share scribbles and paintings of something I have yet to figure out, make sure you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for them sweet tweets! 

OK, now I have to go figure out what kind of world I'm going to laugh at and have fun with….

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We are releasing nearly 30 new products tomorrow, 10.17.14 at...

We are releasing nearly 30 new products tomorrow10.17.14 at 5pm PST onwww.zerofriends.com. This is only a SMALL preview of the TREATS that are to come…

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Zerofriends.com Gift Card Giveaway!   For every $25* you spend...

Zerofriends.com Gift Card Giveaway!


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Head over to www.zerofriends.com to check out our newest...

Head over to www.zerofriends.com to check out our newest #zerofriendsTBT shirt release!

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Preview of coming attractions…

Preview of coming attractions…

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We are proud to announce the release of ten stunning new Diamond...

We are proud to announce the release of ten stunning new Diamond Prints by Dave Correia. Five of these prints are Dave’s final oil paintings, and the other five charcoal drawings that were used as an under drawings while creating the works. These prints measure 17” from corner to corner and fit in 12”x12” frames. The prints are hand signed by Dave Correia and cost only $25 each. Check them out online now at zerofriends.com 

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"THE ZOOLOGY DEPARTMENT" MondoCon x Zerofriends Double Release!

This weekend, myself and Zerofriends' Captain Bubbles (that's what I've been calling Patrick behind his back) are heading to our favorite part of Texas to eat things, sweat, watch movies, and HANG OUT AT THE VERY FIRST MONDO-CON! Along with a collective of the best illustrators and poster artists in the world, we will be having a little booth there with some prints, shirts, and hugs.
And, for the first time, we will be doing a DOUBLE EXCLUSIVE PRINT RELEASE this weekend! One exclusive to MONDO-CON, and one exclusive to ZEROFRIENDS.COM. See below for details on our dual release. 
And tickets are still available for Mondo Con here, so if you are in the area, come hang!
I will also be a part of an insanely cool "Designing Movies" panel on Saturday at 1:20PM

OK, so now on to the RELEASES! 
Inspired by one of my favorite movies of the last decade, "Cabin In The Woods", I managed to get 34 paintings into ONE print, and ZEROFRIENDS will be releasing two different color-ways this weekend ONLY.

By Alex Pardee
12" x 36"
Limited Edition of 40 (signed and numbered)
EXCLUSIVE TO MONDO-CON (the ONLY way to buy this print is by attending Mondo Con)

By Alex Pardee
12" x 36"
TIMED-LIMITED EDITION. This print will be available to ANYONE who purchases it online at Zerofriends.com  between Friday Sept 19th at Noon PST and Sunday Sept 21 at Midnight PST, but this is the only time you can buy this edition!
EXCLUSIVE TO ZEROFRIENDS the ONLY way to buy this print is by purchasing it at Zerofriends between these times. The edition size will be determined by how many are sold.

Below are a few close up details of the prints, both on sale this weekend:


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Wanna win a FREE drawing by Alex Pardee or Dave...

Wanna win a FREE drawing by Alex Pardee or Dave Correia!?

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Directions Below

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Get a free 8”x10” print of your choice for every $25 (before...

Get a free 8”x10” print of your choice for every $25 (before tax/shipping) you spend this weekend on www.zerofriends.com!

This offer is per $25 spent which means if you spend $25 you get one free 8”x10” print of your choice, if you spend $50 you get two free 8”x10” prints of your choice, if you spend $100 you get four free 8”x10” prints and so on and so forth…

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Mother Nature painting progress by Dave Correia


Hey all! If you have a minute or two, I’d like to walk you through, from start to finish, one of the most challenging paintings of my life! This 48”x60” painting is definitely my personal favorite, and I’ll be releasing a Super Limited Edition print of it this week on ZeroFriends.com


Just a little back story: I created this piece for my 3-Person show at Bash Contemporary this past Spring, where I showed alongside the absolutely inspiring Caitlin Hackett and Robert Bowen. When the three of us initially planned the show, we all agreed to do at least one large (48”x60”ish) piece.

The largest I’ve ever painted with brushes prior to this was only 18”x24”, and in my opinion that was HUGE. When I went to the art store to pick up the panel, I almost had a panic attack when I actually saw how large it was!


After breathing into a paper bag and splashing cold water on my face, I managed to start sketching ideas for this monster. 

The idea that the three of us wanted to convey in this show was our mutual love and respect for animals and nature. I planed on doing about 15 pieces for this show, and I wanted this large piece to carry and embody all the others.

This piece is titled “Mother Nature”. It’s what I believe to be the embodiment of everything that is naturally beautiful and innocent in a world designed by elements in which we have no right in understanding. There is a relationship between opposite forces that create a harmony when collided together that produces form, function, life and beauty.  

I wanted to capture my interpretation of all that on a wooden panel that measures 48”x60” with layers of color, shapes and detail applied by a sable brush. And I only had a couple of months to get it done!

So first things first! 


I spent a day or two just sketching. Rarely, is the first sketch ever the one I go with. I like to play with shapes and composition, as well as jotting down ideas that may seem fun to expand on. It’s good to sketch small in the early stages, because in my opinion, ideas and composition are way more important than technical detail. This sketch is about 7”tall on cheap printer paper. I’ll trash pages of sketches before I start to get happy with an idea. My list of failures dwarfs my list of achievements. 


Once I have an idea sketched out that I like, I’ll transfer it to a prepared wooden panel. The transfer is all the simple outlines, of all the main shapes. I guess it kinda similar to how a tattoo artists would transfer the simple outlines to the skin before tattooing. Then I’ll start to work over the transfer with charcoal.


Using a block of charcoal, a soft dry brush and an eraser; I’ll start drawing over the transfer lines and working in some detail. This step basically makes the under-painting easier. I’m trying to develop the main forms, and figure out detail.


I prefer wooden panel over canvas just because I like the texture and hardness of wood. It’s total personal preference though, and when you’re choosing a substrate you should factor in how you paint, and how you want the painting to look. I paint really thin, so the times I’ve painted on canvas, the texture of the linen shows through. If I paint on wood, it just covers better and looks smoother.


I’ll start spraying areas with Workable Fixatif, then I’ll go back over the charcoal with gesso to lighten areas, then draw back over them with charcoal. I really like this because I can work in texture, which helps adds depth :)


Once the primary parts of the drawing are figured out, I’ll get pretty anxious and just want to start painting. I’ll start brushing areas with thinned out color. Just make a mess, and start to try and make sense out of the shapes. I love this part of the painting because it’s very loose and creative. I’ll start seeing forms in the random shapes and try different things on the fly. It’s kinda like seeing things when you look up in the sky at the clouds. I have tons of fun in this stage because it’s more creative than technical. 


As you can see, I’m just throwing random shapes in there, and testing out different colors as I go. I’m also using acrylics at this stage because they dry so fast, I can work quickly. Later when the painting gets tighter and more technical I’ll switch to oils. I’m kinda making things up as I go. You can see that I put a dog head on the bottom right, and I’m just kinda loosely figuring out where I’m going to add the flowers. It’s fun to just randomly throw in shapes to aid composition, and then figure them out later. 


The painting looks kinda messy at this point. It’s a mixture of charcoal, acrylic and gesso. But it all kinda makes sense to me. I know there are some creative decisions I’m going to make as I keep going. The top right area, including the demon’s arm and body kinda bother me. The bottom right area is still up in the air too. But these are all things I know I can focus on later. 


At this point, I start using oil paint. I just start on the area where I feel most confident. In this case, it’s the lady’s and demon’s head, rib cage and cape. I’ll just start in one area and wander out. I’m applying the oil pretty thin, as I still want to build off the texture of the acrylic and charcoal underneath. I’ll mix Liquin in with my oils as I paint. Liquin is a medium that speeds up the drying time and adds a little gloss to the colors. When painting on top of acrylics, the oil paint starts to look very brilliant and rich in color - this gets me happy :)


Sometimes I use reference and sometimes I don’t. I’ll use reference on “hard” things like: hands, faces, articles of clothing and whatever else I’m not familiar with. Part of my favorite thing about painting new subject matter is the research that goes into it. I really enjoy going to the library and spending a day or two just flipping through random books and magazines while jotting down notes and ideas I want to try out. It’s super fun and makes me more aware of whatever it is I’m painting. 


So, you can kinda see that I’m changing things up as I go. The body of the demon is changing. The red area on the bottom right is changing. I really like working this big because you’re forced to take breaks. Sometimes the most important thing when getting stuck on a painting is to take a break and look at it again a day or two later with a fresh (rested) set of eyes. 


Major detour with the demon body and the sky. I’m just continuing to paint dark to light, moving around. I feel like I’m getting pretty close to where I want to be on this. These phone photos are killing me, so hard to avoid those ugly glares!


Working the roses on the bottom and generally tightening everything else up. This is one of those paintings where I could keep working on it for weeks and weeks, but at some point I gotta wrap it up.


And I’m done! Progress photos with a phone camera is not the way to do it. But for now its all I have. This image has been professionally photographed, and I color corrected it to match the original. 

This print releases on Thursday (8/21) at 9:00pm (PST).
Only on ZeroFriends.com!
It’s a super limited edition of 50 prints.

Thanks for your time!
-Dave Correia

Posted on 19 August 2014 | 8:00 am


1. The first thing I do when approaching a new piece is to douse myself in gasoline. The fumes give me a certain high that causes my vision to blur and the poison/danger-factor forces me to act quickly. Then, I clutch a pencil in my fist, snap my neck backward like in an early Sam Raimi film, and let the dark spirt of Gr'ocp'h guide my hand and scribble.

2. After showering the gas off and exercising the spirit from my body, I photograph the sketch using an ancient tool called a "soul-grabber". Some people call it a camera. I then invisibly teleport this photo onto another ancient device called a "futuristic Trapper Keeper". Using this ancient device, I consciously re-sketch my scribble into something that makes a lot more sense to me, such as this.

3. After the sketch is trapped inside the tiny Phantom Zone, I wave my hands around like an awkward windmill at a rave and all these colors start filling themselves in. Then I can change the colors by swiping my hands in mid-air like Minority Report until I decide on the perfect color palette. Inspired by Spawn's costume, I decided to use yellow and turquoise as the main colors.

4. In the Phantom Zone, there's only 2-dimensions. So I have to figure out how to transfer them to the 3rd dimension if I want to have any fun with them. Most of the time, as in this case, I look at the panel, then look at the computer, then look at the panel again and then the computer, and then I just stare blankly until someone comes in and goes "do you need me to help you?" And I do. So they do. Help is cool

5. When laying down the first layer of acrylics, the most important things for me are 1.) approach the painting from a new angle and 2.) wear my favorite hat.

6. When painting at this angle, I can pretend to defy gravity by making drips go upward. I learned this trick from WES CRAVEN and the famous rotating room from Nightmare on Elm St. It also helps me to imagine that I am painting with Johnny Depp's bed-blood. #waycooler


7. The initial textures are important. Most of them will get covered up entirely by the end but they help you notice contours and shapes that you didn't intend. And they also provide me with about 7 hours of extra work that will ultimately be invisible by the end, but my goal is to subconsciously learn something in the process, just like The Karate Kid. I get a lot of inspiration from The Karate Kid. I'm currently also collecting shirts with bonsai on them and attempting to befriend every old Asian janitor I come across.

8. Trying new things when painting is really important. In this case, I tried the new Oprah Chai from Starbucks. Although I am open to trying new things, in this case I wish I hadn't. My short review: Oprah's Chai tastes a LITTLE like chai and a LOT like her broken water from Beloved.

9. I often start really regretting putting all that texture down first because it takes forever to cover it up so maybe disregard everything till now. Ok so now in this stage I just watch the static-channel on tv and fill stuff in with crayons disguised as paint brushes while doing face-exercises so that my face is in shape in case I ever need to run a face race. 

10. Use liquid colors to create solid colors. Then dance until you defecate. 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💩

11. Shading and highlighting is like a game of good cop/bad cop, especially if you use both of your hands simultaneously and dress them up like a good cop and a bad cop. And you should make the bad cop REALLY bad, like make him punch people and have aggressive tattoos. And make the good cop carry around a tiny copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul, give him a cool-dad earring and make him really good at moderating. That's the best way to approach adding shadows and highlights to your painting.

12. I'm almost there! More shading, more highlights, more evening out of the color. I'm terrible at patience, so in order to get a nice, even solid background color really fast I call my friend Mola Ram who's really good at spell casting. All I do is a sloppily apply heaping spoonfuls of Nova Color acrylic paint and leave the room. Mola Ram spreads some glitter and says "Kali Ma" over and over until the color is even and I'm not antsy anymore.


14. After finishing a painting, however manic the process is, I usually ask the friendly and mystical "Guardians of the Galaxy" director JAMES GUNN to stand in front of it to make it THAT much more magical for when I show my parents. And if he accepts, as he gracefully did here, I use that time to whisper in his ear something close to "HOW DID YOU MAKE THE BEST MOVIE EVER THAT MADE ME CRY AND CHEER AND WISH I LIVED IN IT!?" And then I tear up while strains at him. And then the painting is done.

15. Say Anything you want to about it, but it's ON SALE NOW
Limited Edition Giclee Print
20x16. Signed & Numbered By Alex Pardee

Posted on 14 August 2014 | 10:06 pm

We are releasing a new print by Alex Pardee today, and HOLY COW...

We are releasing a new print by Alex Pardee today, and HOLY COW is it awesome! This 20”16” Print is a Limited Edition of 200, and are Signed and Numbered by Alex. They will be available here on Zerofriends.com beginning 9pm PST and cost only $60. 

Who is ”Man’s Best Friend”? Every man has a best friend right? Alex did, at least at one time…
Most of the time, my Uncle Randy traveled the world, and sometimes he would make home-movies of his travels. He even went to weird places like Lebanon to make home-movies. He made dumb jokes, too, like saying he was “famous film director Michael Beirut”. I didn’t get his jokes. But I liked his stories. And his movies. Uncle Randy was cool. In the summer time, when he wasn’t traveling, Uncle Randy was a milk farmer. He said it was a good investment in his off time “on account’a the rich folk in the neighborhood using it to soften their skin now”. He told me people take whole baths in the stuff. Gross. But Uncle Randy was cool though. Cooler than milk baths.
I got to stay with him last year when he was home farming. He had about 30 cows. But one of them was bigger than the other ones. By a LOT. And he was yellow, too. I called him “Bulldozer” on account of him being big and yellow. All the other cows were white, but not “Bulldozer”. That big cow was my big yellow friend. Uncle Randy said it was goofy to call a cow “Bull” but eventually he was ok with it. When I asked Uncle Randy why Bull was so big and yellow all Uncle Randy would say was “You should see his mother!” That never made sense to me. But that big cow and I were friends. Yes sir. He would let me ride him around the ranch, chasing the coyotes away, and when it was hot he would let me use him as a big old fort to sit underneath him.
On the hottest day of June, Bulldozer and I stopped being friends.  I was sitting underneath him to cool off, and these 5 shiny black cars came screeching in, causing the dirt to swirl around in the air. All the other cows started running in circles as I sat there with Bull. He was protecting me.
I couldn’t see because of the dirt and the sun, but I heard the yelling:


I was scared.
The dust hurt my eyes. It was hard to see. But I looked up at Bull from the ground, and when he looked at me, face started falling apart. I mean really, it did! Started falling right to the ground. I saw teeth in his mouth I had never seen before. Because he was a cow, Bull was never able to use his legs for much other than standing, but right then he grabbed me with his legs. They felt like they were stabbing me. He looked like a skeleton. Then he opened his mouth, screamed and lurched his head right toward me.
That’s when I heard the loud noises. I couldn’t hear much for a few moments because they hurt my ears. For a little while I was blind and deaf and scared. I thought I was dead. I wasn’t. But Bull was.
Except…when I could see again, and the dust was clear, and the men with the guns and the sunglasses and the things in their ears were picking me up from the dirt, I didn’t see Bull. I saw…a monster.
The men asked me where Uncle Randy was. I told them he was inside working on his home movies and making dinner like usual.
But they went inside. And they didn’t find him. Or his home movies.
I never saw Uncle Randy after that. He was pretty cool though…

Posted on 14 August 2014 | 12:05 am

All New COMIC CON Apparel Online NOW!

There's even more than shown here. Check it out. Your chest and head will be delighted!

Posted on 1 August 2014 | 12:21 pm


For the first time (at least in OUR history), you needn't worry if you can't fight your way through LA traffic and murder your way into the infamous San Diego Comic Con just to get some limited prints from us.
Although we WILL be there, along with Alex Pardee (who will be signing at our booth #5502 on Friday & Saturday at 5:50PM), Dave Correia & Jon Wayshak, you don't HAVE TO!

From July 24th at 9AM PST through July 28th at 11:59PM, in conjunction with Comic Con, ALL of our new prints that we are debuting at the con will be available to purchase ONLINE AT ZEROFRIENDS, some which will NEVER be available again in this form
Make sure you check out Zerofriends.com starting Thursday at 9AM to see all of the prints that we will have available. 

HUGE 24" x 36" Limited Print
Limited Edition of 30


In case you ARE going to San Diego Comic Con….here's where we will be:

Posted on 22 July 2014 | 11:36 pm


Our favorite time of the year is almost here! It's almost 11:51 pm as I type this, but THAT's not the time I am referring to. Next week is SAN DIEGO COMIC CON TIME!
This is the one time a year that we round up everything we can shove into creeper van, drive it 2 states out of the way for no reason before we hope to arrive in San Diego unharmed so that we can sell our gypsy-wares to some of our favorite fans and supporters in all of the land!

Hopefully, you have been following us @zerofriendsart on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook to see all of the fun new items that we taking with us to the con, and if not, do so now because we are unveiling new items on a daily basis.

We will be set up in the same location at the con that we have been for years, Booth #5502 located right inside the Entrance "A" Door. The map system at the convention is a little wacky, so please refer to the map below if you have trouble finding us. Just look for the big red "A" and go through those doors to find us. 



CAN'T MAKE IT TO COMIC CON?? NO PROBLEM! For the first time ever, we will be selling ALL of our new featured Comic Con Prints  on Zerofriends.com for the duration of Comic Con. That's right, we are having a COMIC C'ONLINE SALE! 
From July 24-28th ONLY, you will be able to purchase all of our new Comic Con prints, some that will never be available again on the site, including new art prints by Alex Pardee, Dave Correia & Jon Wayshak, as well as new Doppelgängers and brand NEW Bunnywith Prints! 

Stay tuned for full release info and we will see you at the Con! Or we will see you C'Online!

Posted on 20 July 2014 | 12:18 am

Dave Correia’s New “PHOBIA” 5x7...

Dave Correia’s New “PHOBIA” 5x7 Prints

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, have no FEAR, Dave Correia is here! And he has brought with him Five New 5”x7” Prints, as well as a smokin hot deal you are sure to BUG out over!

These 5 new prints are available on zerofriends.com tonight beginning at 9PM PST. They are $10 each, or all 5 for $40.

But FEAR not, it gets better yet!

Order the set of all 5 by Sunday 7/13/14 at 11:59PST and save $10! Thats right, you will get the whole collection of all five for only $30! Thats 25% off the normal price! 

Posted on 10 July 2014 | 6:21 pm

Come celebrate the release of our new book “ZeroFriends - A...

Come celebrate the release of our new book “ZeroFriends - A Collection of Art, Passion and Madness”

Join Alex Pardee, Dave Correia, Robert Bowen, Matt Ritchie, Brett Amory, Quake, Ricky Watts, N8 Van Dyke, and Jon Way$hak from 2-4pm at Zerofriends San Francisco (419 Haight Street) 

The signing will begin at 2pm, and end at 4pm. As with all of our events, we recommend that you arrive early to secure a spot in line. Due to anticipated high volume, we are limiting this event to signing only (sorry, no drawings. We want to give everyone a chance to get their books signed, and drawings take much longer!) Thank you for your understanding.

Copies of the new book will be available to purchase for $30 plus tax, and will include a free 8”x10” print of the cover image. 

Hope to see ya there!

Rsvp to the facebook event by clicking here

Posted on 9 July 2014 | 11:56 am

New 8x10s, Buy Three Get One Free!

Hey! This Thursday at 9:00pm PST (midnight Eastern) we are releasing eight new 8”x10” prints! FOUR from Alex and FOUR from Dave. Just in time FOUR San Diego Comic Con. Well, just beFOUR we leave that is…

Maybe you are asking yourself “What is all this FOUR?” Well, FOURtunately FOUR you, we are also running a promo this weekend! Buy any THREE 8”x10” prints on Zerofriends.com and receive a FOURth 8”x10” print of your choice FOUR Free! This promo includes not only the 8 new prints, but ANY of our 8”x10” prints on Zerofriends.com!

All you need to do is buy three 8”x10” prints by 11:59pm PST on Sunday, July 6th. When you go to check out, add the name of the 8”x10” print you wish to receive for free to the “Comments” Section. If you do not specify which one you would like, we will select one at random FOUR you. :)

As are all of our 8”x10” prints, these new guys are open edition and cost only $15 each. They are signed by their respective artists.


Posted on 2 July 2014 | 4:49 pm


1 WEEKEND. 10 PRIZES. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. (that last part is for dramatic effect only).

We here at Zerofriends love drawing so much that we are literally HAVING A DRAWING! That's right, we are having a "Drawing" for some Drawings! This weekend (from now through Sunday night at 11:59 PM PST), anyone who spends $25 or more (before shipping and tax) will automatically be entered into a raffle to win ONE of the following prizes:

2 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS will get: 1 of these original paintings shown here ("TurKid" by Dave Correia or "Pilgrim of Death" by Alex Pardee)

8 RUNNERS UP  will receive: 1 original pencil drawing from Alex Pardee or Dave Correia (Examples shown may slightly vary from actual drawing you receive, follow @alexpardee & @davecorreia for prize updates)

No purchase necessary, to enter the raffle without purchase, send a postcard (must be received by June 29th) with your information to our ZEROFRIENDS SF retail store (419 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94102). Winners will be selected at random on Monday, June 30 and will be notified via email.

1. Spend $25 on any item or combination of items on Zerofriends.com (For example, buy the new ZF art book, OR buy 2 8x10 prints, OR buy any one of our limited prints, OR buy ALL of that stuff).
2. Sit back and chill because you don't have to do anything else after your purchase. You will automatically be entered into a raffle to win 1 of 10 prizes. Winners will be chosen at random on Monday, June 30 and will be notified via email. Limit one prize per winner.

Also, in case you missed it this week, our brand new ZEROFRIENDS art book is now in stock featuring 188 pages and 14 different artists. This book comes signed by Alex Pardee, Dave Correia and Quake.

Posted on 27 June 2014 | 9:42 am


Years ago, a group of 14 different artists started out as strangers living in all different parts of the world. Through various incidents, these strangers became friends. And after these friends fed off of each other's creativity, imagination and passion for years, these friends became...ZEROFRIENDS.

And these ZEROFRIENDS are now such good (zero)friends that we all decided to smoosh our artwork together and make a big ol' fancy art book! 
All that being said, we are proud to announce the release of our very first art book as a team! AND IT IS ON SALE NOW HERE

This huge 188-page art collection published by Gingko Press features some of the unique artists you have come to associate with the Zerofriends brand, as well as some that you may discover within these pages, and might even fall in love with. After all, there's over 250 paintings and drawings featured in this book!

Featured Zerofriends artists include:
Alex Pardee, Robert Bowen, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Dave Correia, Matt Ritchie, Tara McPherson, Brett Amory, Quake, Ricky Watts, Skinner, N8 Van Dyke, Jason Edmiston, Jon Wayshak & Mike Mitchell

Hardcover. 9" x 11"
Published by Gingko Press
188 Pages
14 Artists. 
On Sale Now At zerofriends.com

Live in the San Francisco Bay Area? We will be having an in-store book signing and release party with a handful of the featured Zerofriends artists at our Zerofriends SF retail store on Saturday, July 12th! The Zerofriends Book (along with the FREE included print) will be on sale at the event (but the same signatures that come with the online edition can not be guaranteed in person).


Posted on 19 June 2014 | 12:05 am

Robert Bowen's "HIGH & DRY" Print Release

Last week, an an amazing art show called "DARK MATTERS" opened in San Francisco (and is currently still on display at BASH Contemporary Gallery) that featured an incredibly surreal collection of paintings from Zerofriends' Dave Correia, Robert Bowen, and our good friend Caitlin Hackett. One of the most eye-catching phenomenal pieces from the show was a giant acrylic painting from Robert Bowen entitled "HIGH & DRY". With it being one of our favorite pieces of the show, we couldn't be more excited to be releasing a limited "High & Dry" print with Robert TONIGHT! And as one of our biggest first-run limited print releases, this beast is a whopping 24" x 24" of vibrant archival printer blood and sweat. 

Robert's "High & Dry" Print will be released tonight, Jun 12, at 9PM PST exclusively on Zerofriends.com. The full info is below but BREAKING NEWS!!!! Robert Bowen just informed us that he will be painting 2 special 5"x7" mini-paintings that he will GIVE AWAY to 2 lucky people who purchase his "High & Dry" print this weekend only. Man, Robert really puts the FREE in Freelance, and we are ridiculously grateful! 
Read below for the fine print, and then get ready to buy this fine print! 


By Robert Bowen
24"x24" Giclee Print
Limited Edition of 50
On sale tonight at 9PM PST

BONUS OFFER THIS WEEKEND ONLY (Starting tonight at 9PM PST and ending Sunday night at midnight PST): Anyone who purchases Robert Bowen's "High & Dry" Print from Zerofriends.com will be entered into a drawing. On Monday morning, Robert will randomly pick two names (and corresponding order numbers) and those orders will automatically be shipped an original 5"x7" mini-painting from Robert along with the order.

BONUS BONUS BONUS OFFER FRIDAY ONLY! To celebrate "Friday the 13th", or as we like to call it, "Friday the SHIRT'teenth) our favorite holiday outside of Arbor Day, ALL of our regular priced T-shirts will be on sale for 13% off. One day only, Friday, 13th. START SHOPPING TONIGHT! 

Posted on 12 June 2014 | 3:41 pm


From NOW through Sunday, June 8th, get ONE FREE 5x7 "Bunnywith" print for EVERY $20 spent online at ZEROFRIENDS.COM (before shipping and tax). Don't like math?? I don't blame you. Here's a handy chart: Spend $20, get ONE. Spend $40, get 2. Spend $160 dollars, get 8 FREE!*

*Final number of free prints will be based on money spent BEFORE tax and shipping. Bunnywith prints will be selected at random, chosen from over 100 different prints. 

Posted on 6 June 2014 | 11:46 am

New WAYSHAK Print Release Tomorrow!

Most of us Earthlings get one chance in our lifetime to sell our souls in exchange for ultimate power. A lot of us have already missed this chance because we weren't even aware that it was offered.
Jon Way$hak, on the other hand, not only didn't miss his chance, but he must have figured out a way to sell his soul multiple times in order to get his skills to where they are today. If you have not yet had the chance to feast your eyes on Jon's artwork, please allow this new print release to be your gateway drug. That being said, we are honored to be releasing our second collaboration with one of our favorite artists, Jon Way$hak.

Thursday night, May 29th, at 9 PM PST, we will be releasing Jon's limited "CONTRADICTION" print in 2 different editions: A "regular" edition (limited to 50) and an "ultra-limited hand-embellished" edition (limited to only 10!), both go on sale at the same time. Jon's first print that we released sold out in mere hours, so don't miss this one!

Full info:
By Jon Way$hak
16" x 20"
Limited Edition of 50
Printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper
Signed and numbered by Jon
$65 each.

By Jon Way$hak
16" x 20"
Limited Edition of 10
Printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper
Uniquely embellished, signed and numbered by Jon
$150 each 
(Actual product may vary from photos due to the nature of Jon hand-embellishing each one differently)


Posted on 28 May 2014 | 5:33 pm


Zerofriends' resident demon,
Dave Correia, has been literally locked away in his studio for the last 3 months preparing an entire body of new work for his upcoming art show "DARK MATTERS" at BASH Contemporary in SF on May 31st. He hasn't seen daylight in over 90 days. He has only been able to eat the fish and bread that we shoved under his doorway and he's only had his own sweat to drink.

All of that has been motivation for Dave, however, and we can't WAIT to show you what he will be unveiling for the show. But to kick things off, we wanted to release a special "sneak peek print" to help Dave ease back into the world of interacting with society before his show. So tonight, May 22nd, at 9PM PST, we will be releasing a limited print of one of his large handful of new amazing oil & acrylic paintings, this one called "COLLECTOR" available tonight exclusively on ZEROFRIENDS

By Dave Correia
16" x 20"
Limited Edition of 100
Signed & numbered by Dave Correia
Printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper
$50.00 each

Remember, the original "Collector" painting, along with over 12 more new paintings from Dave Correia will be on display at his new art show "DARK MATTERS" at Bash Contemporary in SF on May 31st. "Dark Matters" will also feature the work of Zerofriends' Robert Bowen & Caitlin Hackett.

Posted on 22 May 2014 | 9:57 am


Greetings, mortals. 
At the stroke of Midnight (EST, 9PM PST) TONIGHT, May 15th, the same moment a giant Japanese lizard is unleashed upon movie screens, our voices will unleash an equally powerful beast. 
We will gather in a circle, cloaks covering our faces, candles forming a star on the dirt ground in front of the Zerofriends HQ, and we will chant these words:

"As we do this candle spell
Bring our prints 4 nights of Hell.
Candle black, paper white,
Turn bright colors black as night.
When all 4 nights of dark have past
All will hail the Dark Prints at last"

And upon that moment, and for the following 4 nights, 5 of our colorful prints from ME(!) and Dave Correia will be transformed by the spirit of the Dark Prints, creating brand new, exciting (but hopefully not cursed) collectible prints, and will be available for you to take home and bless your walls with the archival inks of the darkest lord. This spell will only last the weekend. After Monday, May 19th these "Darkness" prints will not be available any more in our online store, as they will have transformed back to their regular form.

Welcome to our very first "PRINTS OF DARKNESS" sale. Here is the specific info:

Exclusively at ZEROFRIENDS.COM, starting TONIGHT at 9PM PST (Midnight eastern), and ending 11:59PM PST on Monday May 19th, we will have FIVE DIFFERENT SPECIAL TIMED-LIMITED GICLEE PRINTS (Plus a FREE BONUS mystery 6th print!) available to purchase ANY TIME during these 4 days. The number of prints sold determines the edition size of each print. Yes, you can purchase ANY of these prints at any point during these times.

The "Darkness" prints range in size from 16" x 16" to 16" x 20".
All "Darkness" prints are $40 each, and will be available to purchase separately, or in a bundle pack of all 5 which also includes a FREE BONUS 16" x 20" mystery 6th "Darkness" print from Alex Pardee that we will not reveal until after the sale. This mystery print is not available anywhere but in this "Darkness" Bundle of prints.
The "Darkness Bundle", containing a total of 6 Timed-Edition signed prints will be only $200 (A $240 value).

Please note that these prints will NOT SHIP until May 27th & 28th due to the Timed-edition release. 

Quick Recap:

5 Brand new "Darkness" Prints from Dave Correia and myself will be available to buy this weekend ONLY.
If bought separately, each print will be $40.
If you buy ALL 5 of the prints for $200, you will automatically get a secret mystery "6th" print from Alex Pardee for FREE shipped with your order. 

All Darkness prints will be signed by Dave or me

Here are the prints that are being released.



Posted on 15 May 2014 | 9:16 am


I went into the year 2017 and recovered a diary of a woman whose husband went into space and got infected with an alien symbiote. You can read "The Astronaut" diary entries HERE on My Tumblr page if you want to journey into the dark future of alien possession.
Meanwhile, whether I am insane or not, I  am proud to be releasing this print based on my (and the symbiotic alien astronaut's) experience from the future.

This signed limited print might actually be simultaneously our BRIGHTEST as well as our SCARIEST print yet. And we are PERFECTLY fine with that.

Here's the release info:
By Alex Pardee
Limited Edition Giclee Print
16" x 20"
Edition of 200
Signed and numbered by Alex Pardee
Printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper
$60.00 Each
(EARLYBIRD BONUS! Buy "The Astronaut" Before Sunday, May 11th at 11:59PM and INSTANTLY SAVE $10!!! The print will immediately on sale for $50 upon release. It goes up to it's regular price of $60 on Monday, May 12th)

Posted on 7 May 2014 | 10:42 pm


Like a Trojan horse knocking on the front door of your castle…SURPRISE!!!!! We have a very limited supply of Alex Pardee's "300: Rise Of An Empire" Poster that he created and produced with Mondo that was only available at the movie premiere. And to make our army stronger, we want you to have one for FREE if you spend $40 or more (before shipping) HERE AT ZEROFRIENDS!

Yes, that is correct. We have 39 "300" Posters. Be one of the next 39 people to spend $40 or more and automatically receive one for FREE with your order. No need to add it to your cart, as you will automatically receive it. As long as THIS BANNER below appears on the front page of ZEROFRIENDS at your time of purchase, you will be eligible for your free poster. 

Posted on 7 May 2014 | 2:20 pm


..and so the story goes….

I've wandered the land for years. I've had my share of fun. My share of love. I've made some heroic decisions (if you count the car crash). And like everyone else, I've made some despicable decisions too (if you count the second car crash). But those decisions were always MINE. Even the decision to try to wash paper plates in the dishwasher. That was MY decision. At least, I thought it was my decision. But no….because eventually, my decisions showed themselves. When my skin started tearing, and my throat started feeling filled with small hands, and when my stomach was hurting worse than normal, that's when they revealed themselves. And that's when I realized that they have always been here. That's when I realized that I will never know who I really am. Because THEY are me. They are my decisions. And I can't control them….

By Alex Pardee
16" x 20" 
Limited Edition of 200
$50.00 Each
Exclusively on ZEROFRIENDS.COM

Anyone who purchases "THEY'VE ALWAYS BEEN HERE" through Thursday, May 8th, will automatically receive 2 of these 6 5"x5" mini "Decisions" prints (Signed by Alex Pardee) for FREE. No need to add them to your cart. They will automatically be shipped with your order as long as you purchase the print by the end of May 8th. Free prints will be chosen at random from these shown below.

Free "Decision" Prints:

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Do you need any more information than that??? Really? You do?? Hmmm, I may need to question your motives. Ok, well, then read on, soldier!

For the second collaborative release between myself and the amazing RETROBAND Studios (the first was "Bunnywith Retro Style Packaging"), "SNAKE EYES" was designed from the ground up by Aaron Moreno and myself, with a completely original sculpt based off of my "Snake Eyes" painting and story that can be seen/read on my Tumblr HERE... and yes, this whole effort has come full circle and is ready to make its way into the hands of eager collectors worldwide! 

Each "Snake Eyes" figure has been skillfully sculpted, cast, and hand painted by Aaron Moreno of Retroband... and Aaron's passion shines through the paint. The retro feel, the detailed sculpt, the vintage paint application all look amazing! Standing in at about 4" tall, this figure comes on a custom backer board featuring new art by me all packaged up and sharper than Rambo's serrated knife. The back of the card also features the backstory behind this figure, Frank Carrol aka "Snake Eyes", with accompanying art and nostalgic like G.I Joe'esque details.

We only have 45 of these to sell (ONE per customer), and they will GO ON SALE Sunday, April 20th at 1pm PST exclusively online through ZEROFRIENDS. for $150 a pop! Oh, and not only do you get the "Snake Eyes" resin figure but also included in this package is 2 signed 8" x 10" giclee prints (shown here) and an official pamphlet documenting the origin of my "Snake Eyes" character. Mark your calendars and set those alarms now, these will not last long!

Designed by Alex Pardee & Aaron Moreno
Produced by RETROBAND
$150 Each (Includes Figure, 2 signed giclee prints, and a dossier)
Limit ONE per customer.
On sale 4.20.2014 at 1PM PST at ZEROFRIENDS.COM

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Brand New "BUNNYWITH" Limited Print On Sale This Weekend!

It's almost EASTER, which is Bunnywith's favorite month (even if we have no idea why, since he doesn't celebrate Easter.)
Regardless, to celebrate Bunnywith's favorite month, I am releasing a brand new limited print in his honor.
On sale this THURSDAY night (April 10) at midnight eastern (9PM Pacific) exclusively on ZEROFRIENDS.COM (and in-store also). 
Details below the pretty picture (and keep reading for a FUN BONUS FOR NO REASON!):

By Alex Pardee (me!)
16" x 20"
Limited Edition Of 200
Signed and numbered by Alex Pardee (still me!)
Printed with archival inks on Velvet Cotton rag paper
$50.00 each
ON SALE THURSDAY, APRIL 10th, at Midnight Eastern (9PM Pacific)

Anyone who purchases this print BEFORE Sunday night at midnight (April 13) will automatically receive 2 FREE 5x7 BUNNYWITH prints from Alex's recent gallery show. No need to add these to your cart, as they will automatically be included in your shipment. Free Bunnywith prints will be chosen AT RANDOM from the selections shown here. 

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"BUNNYWITH" Prints ON SALE NOW! 30 Days Only!

All "BUNNYWITH" Prints from my "BUNNYWITH SLC" gallery show are ON SALE NOW for 30 Days ONLY, exclusively through BLONDE GRIZZLY. All prints are only $10 each! Over 100 of them! Take a look at the whole show and see what's available HERE or click on any of the photos.
Thank you to SLC PHOTOCOLLECTIVE for providing the space and to BLONDE GRIZZLY for hosting it. See you soon, maybe in another city!

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Fresh off the success of its debut in Los Angeles last October, my ridiculous "BUNNYWITH" art show is heading for SALT LAKE CITY THIS WEEKEND (April 5th to be exact)! Featuring over 100 different "Bunnywith" prints, and ALL of the prints only $10 each. I will be in attendance, and unlike Bunnywith, I can hug you back if you hug me. You know...cuz I have arms. 

Blonde Grizzly presents:
Alex Pardee's "BUNNYWITH"
Saturday, April 5th
6 PM
561 West 200 South.
SLC, Utah 84101

For more information and to RSVP to the event (the event is free and you don't HAVE to RSVP), go HERE:

Follow @alexpardee for more updates and secret "Bunnywith" reveals. SEE YOU THERE!

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Dave Correia's "ROBBER OF GRAVES" T-Shirt Release tonight!

As part of our new line of t-shirts entitled "Insanely Detailed 12-Color Screen-printed Shirts That Give Your Torso Superpowers", we are beyond excited to be releasing Dave Correia's new "ROBBER OF GRAVES" T-shirt TONIGHT at Midnight Eastern (9 PM Pacific). 
Printed using ancient techniques adopted from the underground gods of disaster and necromancy, "Robber Of Graves" will, according to Dave, "help your mortality rate tenfold."
So yes, TONIGHT, at the darkest of hours (eastern, of course, though darkness reigns in pacific as well), the stroke of midnight, make your chest happy by getting this shirt.

Here is all the info:

Designed by Dave Correia
12-Color Screenprinted T-shirt
Printed with Discharge-Based Inks, giving the shirt a soft feel.
Available sizes S-XL (XXL Coming soon)
On Sale TONIGHT at midnight eastern, 9 PM pacific only on ZEROFRIENDS.

**BONUS RAFFLE ALERT!" We have 5 Limited Edition 18" x 24" ROBBER OF GRAVES" Prints available to give away to our customers this weekend! If you purchase this "ROBBER OF GRAVES" shirt NOW through Sunday, March 30, you will be automatically be entered into a raffle to win 1 of the 5 prints. No purchase necessary, to enter the raffle, send a postcard (must be received by March 30) with your information to our ZEROFRIENDS SF retail store (419 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94102). Winners will be selected at random on Monday, March 31st.

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Jon Way$hak and Matt Ritchie on David Lynch

Jon Way$hak and Matt Ritchie on David Lynch

What: “In Dreams- An Art Show Tribute to the Films of David Lynch”
Where: Spoke Art Gallery 816 Sutter St, SF
When: Opening Saturday March 8th, 6-10pm (show on view until March 29th). This event is FREE, and all ages.

Opening this Saturday March 8th,2014 from 6-10pm – Spoke Art Presents “In Dreams- An Art Show Tribute to the Films of David Lynch”. Over 50 artists contributing work inspired by the fantastic David Lynch. Zerofriends artists Jon Way$hak and Matt Ritchie are both in this show. I caught up with Way$hak and Matt and asked three simple questions about Lynch…

Proak: What are your favorite Lynch Works? 

Jon Way$hak: The first was the Twin Peaks movie, “Fire Walk with Me”.  I couldn’t make heads or tails of it, at the time, because you had to see the show to understand any part of it, but I was attracted to it stylistically.  A few years later, after I finished a series of experimental, sequential art zines, I saw Eraserhead.  It blew my so-called mind!  David Lynch succeeded at the same type of project, where I failed.  Been in love with that movie ever since.

 Matt Ritchie: My favorite Lynch work is Dune! No, it’s Twin Peaks. JK, it’s really Dune……not! That’s right, it’s Twin Peaks.


Proak: If you have lunch with one Lynch character, who would it be and why? 

JW: If we’re taking lunch, it’d have to be eating baguette sandwiches with Ben and Jerry Horne.  OK, so it’s two characters.

MR: Special agent Dale Cooper. Pie and lots of Coffee.

Proak: If you could ask Mr. Lynch one question, what would it be? 

 JW: What’s the weather going to be like today? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-duTWI1wb9Y)

 MR: I would ask Mr. Lynch if he would sign my blue ray copy of Dune. JK, my copy of Twin Peaks.


"Who Do You Think This Is There?" by Jon Way$hak (inspired by Eraserhead and Twin Peaks)

"2:30" by Matt Ritchie (inspired by David’s love for sugar) 

I got to check out the show last night. It is nothing short of fantastic. So many great pieces from so many talented folks. Many affordable limited edition prints. Even if you are not familiar with Lynch, I’m sure you will love this show. -Proak

More info at http://www.spoke-art.com

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/605935949491417

Jon Way$hak’s website: http://www.scrapbookmanifesto.com

Matt Ritchie’s website: http://matt136.com

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Upcoming Events- 3/3-3/9

Upcoming Events- 3/3-3/9

Thursday 3/6/14- “Behind You” An Exhibition of Original Art by Lauren YS @Public Barber Salon 571 Geary Street, SF CA. Lauren’s work rules. If you’ve not yet seen it, check some out at ww.Laurenys.com or on IG @lolo_ys.


Friday 3/7/14- Oakland Art Murmur- 489a 25th Street, Oakland Ca (25th @ Telegraph). This is the last month we will be participating in the Oakland Art Murmur. We are moving our warehouse out of the neighborhood, and will be closing the 25th Street gallery as a result. Come relive the memories and wish us a fond farewell from 4-10pm at our last Oakland Art Walk. We will miss you Art Murmur!

(489a 25th Street, Oakland CA. Photo by Paul Bustamante)

Saturday 3/8/14- SF artist DEB painting live at Zerofriends SF!- 419 Haight Street (between Fillmore/Webster), SF CA. Come watch as DEB paints a panel for our shop window. She will be painting for a majority of the day, and possibly in to the evening for the Lower Haight Art Walk. Check out her awesome work @DEB on Instagram. The Lower Haight Art Walk is from 5-9 pm. 15% off your in-store purchase between 5 and 9!

(DEB painted this awesome piece across from our shop on Valentines Day) 

ALSO! “In Dreams- An Art Show Tribute to the Films of David Lynch”- Spoke Art Gallery 816 Sutter St, SF CA. Zerofriends’ family Jon Way$hak, Matt Ritchie, Joemur and Ken Davis all have work in the show. Stay tuned for more on this…

Check back tomorrow for pictures from our 1st birthday party!

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Recap: Bag ‘o’ Movies @ ZF||SF

Recap: Bag ‘o’ Movies @ ZF||SF

Thanks again to everyone who joined us last Friday night for our first Movie Knight of 2014.  We wanted to do something new for this Movie Knight- and Ben Walker provided us with a great idea. We invited almost a dozen artists to join us- asking that they brought with them their favorite DVD. The DVDs were placed in a pillowcase, and one was selected at random. We would screen that movie and the participating artists would create works inspired by the film…

Nearly 40 people crammed into our shop at 419 Haight Street. At one point we even ran out of chairs!

The movie selected initially was “Paranorman”. However, due to some technical difficulties this movie bugged out about 40 minutes in, and we had to select another… The second movie chosen was “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story”. Luckily, this movie played without any hiccups, and a many great things were drawn…

(Some of the artists with some of their arts)

(Zerofriends SF Store Manager (and employee of the month for 12 months solid and counting) Brian flashing gang signs)

(A sampling of the goods)

(Walk Hard Drawing by Lauren YS)

(Walk Hard drawing by Ben Walker… You “half” to love it) (Walk Hard Drawing by Josh Thurman)

(Bag ‘o’ Movies flyer by Ben Walker)

A big thank you to Ben Walker for planning this event, and to everyone who came out to draw or hang out and watch the movie(s)! 

Stay tuned for information on upcoming events like this one, and please join us for our next Movie Knight which will be sometime next month… 

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